About Us

"At Paddy's Patches we provide Patch-On Personality, Iron-on Attitude & Sew-on Style!"

Welcome to Paddy's Patches, a patch store inspired by the enigmatic character of Paddy, a young man who lived during the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland. As a boy, Paddy had always been fascinated by the soldiers who marched through his village, their colorful uniforms adorned with intricate patches that he could only dream of having.

As he grew older, Paddy became more and more determined to collect as many patches as he could. He spent hours scouring the battlefield, trading with soldiers and bartering with anyone who had a patch that caught his eye. His collection soon grew to an impressive size, and he became known throughout the village as the Patch Man.

But Paddy's obsession with patches was not limited to their physical appearance. He saw in them a symbol of bravery, loyalty, and the ties that bind people together. As he continued to collect patches, he also began to immerse himself in the stories and histories behind them, determined to uncover their secrets.

Despite his love for his collection, Paddy knew that he had to make a difficult decision. He had always dreamed of leaving Ireland and starting a new life in America, and he realized that selling his precious patch collection was the only way to make that dream a reality.

And so, with a heavy heart, Paddy sold his entire patch collection and set sail for America. There, he started a new life and is said to have became one of the most respected rare coin collectors in the country.

Although much of Paddy's life remains shrouded in mystery, his passion for patches and his determination to pursue his dreams have inspired us to create Paddy's Patches. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality patches that reflect their unique personalities and interests.


From military patches to sports patches, music patches to vintage patches, pop culture patches to your favorite animal patches and much more, we offer a wide selection of authentic patches sourced from trusted suppliers. We also offer a wide range of Pins, Walking Stick Medallions, Decal Stickers and Hats!

At Paddy's Patches, we believe that every patch tells a story, and we are committed to helping our customers express their individuality through their patch collections. Our patches are perfect for your backpack, shirts, jackets, sweaters and even shoes! Patches are a great way to make your clothing unique and customized. Most of our Patches are Iron-on, and most Iron-on patches can also be sewn on. Visit our FAQ page for Iron-on instructions and patch care information.

Continuing in Paddy's tradition we have patches to suit all walks of life, boy & girl scouts, hikers, world travelers, Punks & Mods, Veterans, athletes, you name it and we have it! Great as a unique gift for loved ones on special occasions or to mark a milestone or accomplishment, patches are a fun and classic way to celebrate memorable moments!

Paddy's Patches is a family owned business and we thank you for visiting our store, and we look forward to helping you find the perfect patch to tell your story!